Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Discussion with Deadmau5 Fans

Earlier tonight, I downloaded the new Deadmau5 album 4x4=12 with the intention of writing a humorously negative review, but it had other ideas. Instead, I'm left rather confused, as it sounded so incredibly generic/stock/rote/whatever you want to say that I have absolutely no other thoughts on it. It had a four-to-the-floor beat, synths, and dubsteppy bassline, all of which are regular inclusions in this style of house in 2010. So, I have to turn to the fans of the artist and ask: please, tell me what makes Deadmau5 unique. What are you hearing here that makes you want to listen to him, rather than another artist in the genre?


  1. He's the most popular one, and since there's not much variation in the trance(or something like it) genre, he's the go-to artist. Once you've heard one trance song, it's pretty much the extent of the innovation in that field.

  2. Firstly Thomas it's not trance and you sound like more of an idiot than Deadmau5 fans for completely writing off an entire genre like you've heard it all, simply because the tracks share the same elements.